The Farm

The main trouble with the move toward buying healthier food is the variance in quality between each farmer, season and seed. While a person may be buying organic, locally grown food, it is entirely possible that the nutrient value of that food is not as optimal as it could be.

Nutrient Dense Organic Food

Yield is currently the dominant incentive in farming, with farmers being paid based on the number of bushels and pounds produced. This results in growers doing whatever is necessary to harvest a crop, even if it is often destructive to the soil. We have landed in a place where the soil on many farms simply will not produce under conventional fertility programs. The prevalence of degenerative disease and underlying health issues in our general populace seems to suggest that our bodies are in a similar position, as well.

At Paradise Fields, we propose that the objective of growing crops should be to produce maximally nutritious food that will cause people to thrive. There simply is no way to achieve this without understanding that the soil is the foundation of that process.

"Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people."

Food & Health

The average human body contains something on the order of 4 trillion cells. Between 60-70% of those cells should replace themselves every 6 months. That means that about 15 billion cells in your body are replacing themselves every day. Each of those cells has a nucleus in it that contains your DNA, and each strand of DNA requires at least 45 separate minerals to replicate itself properly. Most agricultural soils include from 10 to 22 minerals. As your body begins to find itself without the necessary primary and trace minerals required to go through its biological processes completely, it begins to degenerate. At Paradise Fields, we are re-mineralizing the earth and plants with 92 minerals and trace minerals found in BC glacier rock dust and sea water.

With constant improvement of soil conditions through full spectrum mineralization, microbial activity, fungal optimization and best practice agricultural methods, we hope to educate and improve the health of our community.

Nutrient Dense Organic Food