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Belize: One Week In Paradise



We are taking  One Week In Paradise to Belize at the end of this month! Ten of our staff have agreed to sacrificially volunteer their 7 days to conduct a free lifestyle intervention and health-based education program through day clinics, interactive health seminars, cooking/nutritional counselling and demonstration, mental health counselling, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and spiritual care to provide this integrative health program.


Why Belize:

Belize has one of the highest poverty rates in the world and a very low human development index.  The economy is struggling, and many people do not have access to proper/regular health care, health resources, and poor lifestyle conditions due to a lack of affordable resources.


What we will do: 

From July 30th to August 6 we will work with 7 communities who will come together in the Calcutta and Corazal regions giving us the opportunity to serve the Belizean people in this capacity to address some of their major health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic conditions, etc,.   

It is our desire to help people take charge of their health to improve the quality of their lives and build a stronger community.


How can you help?

We have been able to raise funds for the entire program in Belize, but our volunteers are paying out of pocket for their plane tickets. Many of them are forfeiting a week of work for this special cause, so we are reaching out to you who have been blessed by their service in the past.

We are looking to raise $10,000 to help our volunteers with flight costs.

A final impact report will be shared with you, and you will be given updates and upcoming events/programs.  

We thank you for your kind and generous support.