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Health Power by Diehl and Ludington


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This may be the most practical key to a better lifestyle that many of us have ever found." -Dan Matthews, former executive producer and TV host of Lifestyle Magazine. "The greatest challenge of Western medicine is to educate and motivate patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This book does exactly that-with clarity, charm, and thoroughness." -William Castelli, M.D., former director, Framingham Heart Study. "These are important concepts that, when internalized, will do more to improve your health and extend your life than all the technological wonders of natural health management." -Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., Cleveland Clinic. "A solid book, clearly written, providing a sensible introduction to the basis of natural health management." -John Robbins, author, Diet for a New America. "No one can read even a few of these chapters and remain the same." -Herbert Douglass, Th.D., former president, Wiemar Institute.

Health Power by Dr. Hans Diehl & Aileen Ludington