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Mere Nature Organic Ground Turmeric 44g


A cousin of ginger, galangal and cardamom, turmeric is a rhizome - an underground stem of a perennial plant - botanically named curcuma longa. When fresh, it is covered with a beige skin under which hides a beautiful orange color. Its scent is reminiscent of ginger and its taste is slightly bitter. Turmeric is associated with a number of health benefits. This is also used in the preparation of the famous golden milk - a comforting drink filled with antioxidants also known as golden milk. It can also be used in the preparation of curries, chutneys, rice and squash dishes. Ground turmeric is used in the preparation of many spice mixes, including garam masala in Morocco and in the Maghreb countries as well as ras-el-hanout in the West Indies and on Reunion Island. All our organic products are certified by Ecocert Canada.