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Come taste our delicious apples! Royal Gala, Honeycrisp, Golden Gem, etc. Visit us during normal store hours.

Apple Trees


PICK-UP MUST BE: Sunday, May 28, during store hours from 10-5pm 


Our apple trees are 2-4 years old, and some can produce the same year. 

Please carefully read how to plant your tree below.

We recommend you add some humic acid when planting your trees as it will help retain around 45 times more nutrients than regular soil. 1 bag per tree (instructions are below) 

Click on this link for instructions on how to plant a tree: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sWe8XgewCR_mt7BwiE1I_6fQ7Ahg672Azg6XPtL6qCY/edit?usp=sharing.

Click on the apple varieties below for flavour profiles and descriptions. 


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Spartan Apple Tree
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Empire Apple Tree
$15.00 $60.00