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Bounty Box Membership

Your favourite fall crops are here!

The Fall Bounty Box membership will run for 6 weeks, from October 2 to the week of Nov 6.

Fall Bounty Box WILL offer deliveries

Sign up deadline will be Thursday October 5, 5pm. If you sign up after Friday September 9 and our deadline your box delivery will end the week of Nov. 13 to account for 6 Bountiful Boxes.

What is a Bounty Box Membership (CSA)?

Commonly known as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).   It is a prepaid weekly membership that gives you access to fresh produce from our nutrient-dense farm and other organic partners. It comes with multiple benefits and discounts exclusive to members. CSAs allow us to plan our seasons and avoid waste by knowing who we will serve during a given time.

- Your box is 100% customizable

- Produce is harvested the morning of your pick-up

- Build your box online & pick it up or customize it in-store

Looking for an easier way to eat healthy?

Why should your fresh produce come from a different time zone?

Avoiding harmful chemicals is a good start, but we believe it’s not enough! Learn more about our farming practices.

Too busy to hit all the farmers’ markets?

Eat well with less effort!

Large variety (staples & exotics).

A single-origin: most vegetables are grown right here, at the farm. The other vegetables and fruits are from local farmers.

Customize your box every week.

Weekly in-store pick-up on Tuesdays

Take a Peak at Some of Our Favorites

Bounty Box Membership Benefits

• Access fresh organic produce (See what we will be growing this fall).

• Unlock a 7% discount on all our store items and juice bar.

• Take advantage of a free naturopathic or nutritionist consultation. (Value of $75)

• Join us for a complimentary four-course brunch for you and a loved one. (Value of $80)

 • Repeat and save! For each season you join, a 1% discount will be applied to your next season. This discount will accumulate up to 20%. Imagine saving every season you get fresh organic produce!

• A free cooking class with our team of nutritionists.

Small Bounty Box


Suitable for a single person.

6 weeks; *6 items per week

✓$33 per week

Regular Bounty Box


Suitable for 2 adults

6 weeks; *8 items per week
✓ $42 per week

Organic farm in Ontario

Large Bounty Box


Suitable for 4+ adults

6 weeks; *12 items per  week
✓ $52 per week

How it Works

1 - Choose your plan

Subscribe to either a Small , Regular or Large Bounty Box membership.

2 - Online Platform

Your will receive a confirmation email for your subscription.

3 - Make your Selection Weekly

Every Friday your will receive an email with what's available to plan your visit or build your box

4 – Pick up in-store

Tuesdays are our pick up days. We might open another day depending on availability.

5 - Enjoy your produce and all the perks!


Missed Week?

Are you going away on vacation? You have a couple of options:

• Give your box to a friend or a family member.

• Ask us to donate it a local charity. We partner with The Good Shepherd Centre in Hamilton.

• Let us know and we can arrange for you to pick up more items upon your return.

Box Customization?

You can customize 100% of your box!

Size of Items in each box?

An item is comparable to a store-bought amount; for example, beets and carrots are in bunches, greens are half-pound bags, potatoes, beans, and peas are in quarts.


In the eventuality of a cancellation, the balance of your membership will be put on a Paradise Fields gift card. There will be no reimbursement as we have planned our farming season with your membership in mind.