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Build a Wellness Plan With One of Our Experts

Take control of your health with guidance from our team of naturopaths and nutritionists.

Don’t Let Unhealthy Habits Hold You Back

Overwhelmed with trying to get started?
Confused with all the options?
Tired of 1 step forward, 2 steps back?

Live the Healthy Life You Want and Deserve

Overcome the overwhelm with help.
Get clarity with a custom health plan.
Start your journey with confidence.

To prevent and oftentimes reverse lifestyle-related illnesses, we take a holistic approach to wellness called Lifestyle Medicine.

1 — Get lots of fresh air
2 — Soak up sunshine
3 — Exercise self-discipline
4 — Make time to rest
5 — Stay physically active
6 — Drink lots of water
7 — Eat a plant-based diet
8 — Trust in divine power


Naturopathic + Nutritionist Consultation

Initial assessment — $120 (1-hour)
Follow-up with nutritionist — $50

Naturopathic Consultation

Initial Assessment — $95 (1-hour)
Follow up — $65

Nutritionist Consultation

Initial Assessment — $75 (1-hour)
Follow up — $50

3 Steps to Improve Your Health

Step 1: Schedule an appointment and get a health assessment.

Step 2: Receive a custom wellness plan.

Step 3: Join our online community for support and accountability.