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Our Story

Leave behind the chemicals, bland flavours, and mediocre nutrition. Let’s get back to Eden.

What We Do

We believe that food should heal and not harm and that our bodies are meant to be sustained by a whole foods plant-based diet. Since 2016, our mission has been to help people adopt happier and healthier lifestyles.

Here, at Paradise Fields, we ask ourselves, "What would it have been like in the Garden of Eden?” This helps guide us. We’ve built our practices on a foundation of regenerative agriculture, which emphasizes maintaining and restoring the land we farm to ensure the best growth conditions and results for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

We care about our families, and we care about our land. This is why we fight food insecurity through meticulously caring for our soil and water sources to increase the nutritional value and taste of our products.

Avoiding harmful chemicals is not enough. From soil fertility to the diverse lifeforms in our ecosystem, we strive to maximize the vitality of every element that contributes to the health of our produce.

A Fresh and Unexpected Perspective on Organic Farming

At Paradise Fields, with our organic health food store, we imagine fruits and vegetables to be incomparable in taste and nutrition, farming to be sustainable, and living healthy to be easy thanks to access and abundance.

So, we built our practices on a foundation of regenerative agriculture, which emphasizes maintaining and restoring the land we farm to ensure the best growth conditions.

We meticulously care for our soil and water sources to increase the nutritional value and taste of our products.

Our practices naturally support the capture of greenhouse gases, increasing environmental resilience to climate change.

We feel everyone should eat organic food in Hamilton, Ontario, so we price fairly and have online and retail shopping options.

Contact us or visit our online store to get fresh fruit and vegetable delivered in the GTHA.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of nutrient-rich organic food to transform people. We believe food should heal, not harm. We believe God intended for us to be sustained by fruits and vegetables. We believe healthy food should be delicious and accessible. We believe in taking up our call to care for the land our food grows on. We believe our community deserves health and wholeness. We exist to help them get there.

Our Story

Meet our Team

Management Team

Mario Roque


Mario has been a successful home developer since 1973, building under Landmart Homes and now Liv Communities and always felt a need to share with the community.
As an elder of the Really Living Seventh Day Adventist Church, he has supported other community projects. During Christmas of 2015, he was inspired to start a nutrient dense organic farm as well as to provide a natural healthy lifestyle approach to prevent and reverse commonly known diseases.
To date, through Paradise Fields he has supported depression and anxiety programs, 30 day programs, health programs, as well as week-long immersive retreats in Muskoka.
While he enjoys success, he prefers to help the Hamilton community and beyond with all their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Alain Mugisha

General Manager

Alain joined Paradise Fields in Spring 2020 with a background in business management and several years of experience in the health food sector and philanthropy. He is passionate about building teams and organizations that have a transformative impact on their community. As a foodie, he enjoys attending and hosting all our Sunday Brunches. It’s a mystery how he never put on any weight with all this delicious food! 

Farm Team

Kapil Sharma

Orchard Manager 

Kapil grew up on a farm growing fruits, crops, and raising cattle. He completed a degree in agriculture and a post graduate degree in sustainable agriculture to further gain expertise in farming. 

Kapil started working at Paradise fields in 2018 to follow his passion of growing organic fruits and bringing back soil health. This has been great for the farm,especially since we encourage nutrient dense produce and soil biodiversity. 

Mercedes Guild

Greenhouse Manager

Mercedes completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology and Technology from Nipissing University with a combined Diploma from Canadore College. She then went on to complete a Medicinal Plants Certificate Program from eCornell. Prior to coming to Paradise Fields in the winter of 2022, she worked on a certified organic and biodynamic farm for two years where she learned all about farming nutrient dense food as well as growing her knowledge base about our local insect species.

Kevin Patey

Farm Mechanic  

As the Farm Mechanic, Kevin uses his 15 years of mechanical background combined with electronic engineering and I.T. experience to operate, maintain, troubleshoot and fix just about anything that comes his way.

Kevin's passions include his family, and continuingly learning how to better himself.

Some say he seems to have a "Spidey Sense" when it comes to things breaking down around the farm. He seems to be in the right place, at the right time!

Sophie Roque

Social Media Coordinator

Passionate about health and wellness, Sophie is our Social media coordinator; you can find her on our social media platforms for a friendly conversation about a healthy lifestyle! Also, let her know of any recipes you may want to learn with Paradise Fields produce!

Wellness Team

Arlete Susana Cevada Marcos, CHN


Arlete is one of our nutritionists who is passionate about healthy living and the power of plant-based nutrition for healing and prevention of lifestyle diseases. She’s a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who graduated from the Durham School of Health and Nutrition. She is also a bilingual Ontario Certified Teacher.

She currently teaches plant-based cooking and nutrition workshops through Not By Bread Alone.

Dr. George Cho, ND MFSc CEP

Clinic Director / Naturopathic Doctor

Our resident naturopath and certified exercise physiologist, Dr. Cho, focuses on preventing and treating health conditions with lifestyle medicine. He holds a Masters in Fitness Science, is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and a member of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

Currently, he serves as Clinic Director of Pathways, Clinic Lead for Compassion Health Toronto, and is co-founder of the not-for-profit Lifestyle Is Medicine.

Dr. William Marcoux, MD CCFP FCFP

Medical Director / Physician

Dr. Daniel Saugh, PhD MPH RPsych MDiv

Registered Psychotherapist

Dr. Nadine Plummer, ND MA

Naturopathic Doctor

Mike and Rene Lemon

Love is medicine / Spiritual Counselling

Bailey Muller, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer / Health Coach / Exercise Classes

Vesna Cestaric, RMT CNN

Registered Massage Therapist

Dominique Raymond, CHN


Krystal Raymond, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

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