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Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program

The NDARP is an 8 week science-based mental health education program designed by award winning physician, Dr. Neil Nedley.

Do Not Allow Yourself to Struggle From This Curable Disease.

Trouble concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions?
Fatigue, pessimism, and hopelessness?
Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or sleeping too much?

Loss of interest in things once pleasurable, including sex?
Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings?

Suicidal thoughts or attempts?

Wonder if you qualify as having depression? Take this nine question test to find out here. 

Take Back Your Life!

With this comprehensive program you will find the keys to a new life in just eight weeks.

Overcome depression and/or anxiety.
Discover how to achieve a healthy sense of self-worth.
Learn coping skills.
Find motivation and concentration to achieve your goals.

Help a friend/family member with depression.
Prevent depression and and/or anxiety.
Gain stress control.
Achieve optimal mental health.
Learn general health knowledge & gain professional development.

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Combining a Science-Based Approach, and a Community of Non-Judgemental Coaches

Our NDARP is built around latest and best science in lifestyle medicine. NDARP is a field of modern medicine that addresses disease by resetting your health habits. The program includes:

Identifying Depression and Its Causes

Lifestyle Treatment for Depression

Nutrition and the Brain

How Positive Thinking Can Defeat Depression

Positive Lifestyle Choices

Stress Without Distress

Living Above Loss

How to Improve Brain Function

Here’s How It All Works

Step #1 - Register for the free info session

Step #2 - Decide if the program is for you or someone you know

Step #3 - Join the program online for 8 weeks

Step #4 - Implement and practice what you learn each week

Step #5 - Attend your graduation banquet (TBD)

Step #6 - Sign-up for follow up programs in your area of interest

Your Investment Includes

✓ 8 Weeks of Coaching and Weekly Sessions

✓ Lifetime Access to the NDARP Program

✓ NDARP Workbook & Manual

✓ NDARP Pre & Post Depression Anxiety and EQ test

✓ Two bestselling books on depression & anxiety

✓ Music therapy CD.

✓ 10% Discount at Paradise Fields for 3 months