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Harvest Celebration

Experience all that Paradise Fields Farm has to offer at our 2022 Harvest Celebration!

This year, our celebration will include a series of educational workshops (see below), plant-based food vendors, a bouncy castle + other activities for children, farm tours, and much more!

Organic Gardening 101

Eunice, our new Market Garden Manager, will share her lifelong experience in organing farming and how to prepare this fall for your next season. You will learn:

• How to best preserve your fall crops through the winter

• Preparing your soil for the best results in the spring

• Extending your outdoor season as long as possible

• When and how to start your garden next year 

Growing Organic Fruit Trees in your backyard

Kapil, our Orchard Manager, will guide you with a step-by-step workshop on how to grow nutrient-dense fruit trees in your backyard. 

• Where you can buy the fruit trees like apple, pears etc. and what characteristics to look for before buying.

• How to plant them perfectly.

• How you can use your house/kitchen waste for fertilizing the trees.

• How to train and prune your trees according to your space.

• The techniques to bring back the trees to life if you have any old or unmanaged trees.

• How to know when the fruit is ready to pick.

Foraging For Beginners: Safely Gathering Wild Edible Foods 🌿

Once you start learning about wild, edible plants and fungi, you might just realize that you’ve been hiking through forests of food. Anywhere you are, there are likely lots of edible plant options, including berries, seeds, flowers, nuts, roots, and foliage. Sometimes, whole plants are edible. Whether you want to forage for fun, add wild food to your backpacking diet, or keep foraging knowledge tucked away in case of an emergency, this workshop is for you.

Beekeeping 101

Looking to ask questions and find out all you can about bees and what it takes to keep them? 

Join beekeeper Micheline Higgins, owner of Honey Home and beekeeper for Paradise Fields for an hour of discovery and awe. This is a great way to get your feet wet and find out about these beautiful insects that take much more care of us than we realize. You are guaranteed to learn something new and to have a newfound appreciation for the honeybees in your life.

Farm Tour with Owner  

Come Learn What Paradise Fields is Doing to Grow the Most Nutrient-Dense Produce on the Planet! This tour will be with none other than the owner and visionary behind our beautiful farm. 

The tour will include an in-depth visit of our greenhouse, the apple orchard, our compost station, the market garden and the site of our future agri-tourism/ wellness centre.

Canning 101 🥫

Whether you’re a prepper, a new homesteader, a backyard gardener, or just a food lover who isn’t ready to say goodbye to seasonal favorites, this class is for you! You will learn why food spoils and how to prevent it using the simple and age-old techniques of canning, pickling, lacto-fermentation, freezing, and dehydrating.