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Food is Medicine

May 21st, 2023

Lots of Activities to Join!

Wellness presentations, workshops, tractor rides, food, & fun for the entire family.

Culinary Tours

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Sample a variety of different beverages and foods as you go along the tour and learn about the amazing health benefits and nutrient dense produce available on our farm.



Mood and Your Microbiome

Presented by Drs. Sasha & Sherman Coleman, NDs

Anxiety and depression can be more than just psychological manifestations of imbalance. Scientific evidence has proved that the food we eat makes a profound difference on not only how we look but also how we feel. We will discuss the key building blocks for a healthy gut microbiome and which foods promote good mental health.


The Art & Benefits of Herbal Extracts

Presented by Edwin Chung, Owner of Humble Herbs

You will learn how to make powerful herbal extracts for common colds, coughs, a good night’s sleep, and other things as well.


How to Grow An Organic, Nutrient Dense Garden

Presented by Kapil Sharma (Orchard Manager), Eunice Schendel (Market Garden Manager), & Mercedes Guild (Microgreen Manager).

You will learn everything from soil structure, soil samples, soil improvement to garden plot selection, season planning, tips on how to grow the most common veggies as well as how to nurture beneficial insects and deal with pests.


Cancer: Foods That Help

Presented by Dr. George Cho, ND, MFSc, CEP, Clinical Director of Pathways Lifestyle Medicine Clinics

There are few diseases that strike as much fear as cancer. This seminar will look at how food can be part of the medicinal arsenal we use to fight cancer as well as how to eat during cancer treatment.


Weightloss & Food Addictions

Presented by Dr. Nadine Plummer, ND MA

In this presentation you will learn how to eat to break addictive eating patterns of the past. How to actually eat and what to eat to lose weight. Learn which foods speed up the metabolism, and we will investigate which habits can lead to not just losing weight but keeping it off.


Home Remedies From Your Kitchen

Presented by Dr. William Marcoux, MD & Jennie Marcoux, Health & Science Educator

Use simple food ingredients from your own kitchen to treat common ailments. Respiratory complaints, gastrointestinal issues, inflammation, and more can all be treated with items you probably already have in your pantry! Demonstrations will show how straightforward these health interventions can be.

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