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Golden Russet Apple Tree


The Golden Russet is a productive, vigorous, and very reliable annual fruit tree. The thick russetted skin discourages insect damage and it is resistant to scab, canker, and powdery mildew. Its tip-bearing habit gives these hardy trees a wispy appearance. The fruit stores very well while remaining flavorful and crunchy throughout the winter season.

Golden Russets are great in salads and cooking recipes such as pies, tarts, and meals. You can use Golden Russets in a wide variety of dishes, from entrees to desserts. You can even grill them up and serve them in slices or on a sandwich. These apples are sweet enough that you would need very little if any sweetener in your smoothie recipes and most certainly none for juicing. They are also beloved among cider makers because it produces outstanding juice and is a top choice for single-variety ciders.