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1st Stop: The Greenhouse - Microgreens

The Power of Microgreens

Up to 40 Times More Nutrients!

Did you know that microgreens have up to 40 times more nutrients than their grown counterparts! Learn more about the microgreen benefits below!

Kale: lower bad cholesterol, contains carotenoid antioxidants in high concentrations which lowers the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, builds collagen to protect skin and hair amongst many other benefits.

Sunflower: high source of protein, boost fertility, high source of folate, reduce risk of anemia.

Broccoli: anti-cancer properties, supports cardiovascular health, anti-diabetic properties, reduces autism symptoms, boosts brain function.

Wheatgrass: eliminates toxins, boosts metabolism, boosts the immune system, anti-inflammatory, prevent memory loss.

2nd Stop: The Greenhouse - Market Garden

What You Get as a Bounty Box Member

Tomato Varieties

  • Cherokee Dust (beef tomato)
  • Brandywine (beef tomato)
  • Ginfiz
  • Red Zebra
  • Indigo Apple

Melon Varieties

  • Divergent Canteloupe
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon
  • Diplomat Honeydew
  • Fairie Hybrid Watermelon

Pepper Varieties

  • Bangles Blend (mini peppers)
  • Habanada Sweet (mini peppers)
  • Black Magic Jalapeno (Hot)
  • Corno Di Toro
  • Golden California
  • Matan
  • Green Bell
  • Hungarian Hot Pepper
  • Hungary

Corn Varieties

  • Serendipity
  • Honey Select
  • Fisher's Earliest Corn


Goldie Ground Cherry


Receive These Amazing Benefits As Well!

• Access fresh organic produce (See what we will be growing this spring).

• Unlock a 7% discount on all our store items and juice bar.

• Take advantage of a free naturopathic or nutritionist consultation. 

• Join us for a complimentary four-course brunch.

 • Repeat and save! For each season you join, a 1% discount will be applied to your next season. This discount will accumulate up to 20%. Imagine saving every season you get fresh organic produce!

• A free cooking class with our team of nutritionists.

• Enjoy a complimentary u-pick experience (worth $20). You will be able to pick some fresh produce straight from the garden.

3rd Stop: The Orchard

4th Stop: Berries & Bee Hives

Seabuck Thorn Berries

  • Fun Fact: Seabuck thorn can contain 16 times more vitmain C than an orange!
  • Treat stomach or intestinal problems.
  • Improve blood blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Boost immunity a& prevent infections.
  • Treat obesity.
  • Amongst many more benefits!

Haskap Berries

  • Fun Fact: Haskap berries have up to 3 times more antioxidants than blueberries. When compared to blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries, haskaps have more nutrients and antioxidants than all of them!
  • Low in calories but high in nutrients.
  • Improve brain function.
  • Have an anti-diabetic effect.
  • Amongst many more benefits!

6th Stop: Market Garden