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One Week In Paradise

A 7-day wellness immersion in the beautiful Muskokas to reset, relax and kick-start your journey towards lifestyle change and disease reversal

March 10-17, 2024
Camp Frenda, Muskokas, Ontario

Are you tired of all your meds?
Do you need a health reset?

You don’t need to struggle with curable chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, excess weight and pain.

Take one week to taste and see the amazing power of lifestyle medicine for you and your loved ones.

Here are some of the common benefits of lifestyle medicine immersions

✓ Learn health skills to put chronic diseases in reverse
✓ Better understanding of the root causes of disease
✓ Prevent chronic diseases
✓ Improved nutrition with delectable and healthy meals
✓ Increased energy
✓ Improved skin and appearance
✓ Feel better
✓ Weight loss
✓ Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
✓ Help a loved one prevent and reverse disease

And so much more!

Note: Everyone has a different experience. Results are not guaranteed.

Take back your life in only one week!

Here are just some of the common benefits of lifestyle medicine immersions:

✓ Learn health skills to put chronic diseases in reverse
✓ Finally understand root causes of your health condition
✓ Prevent chronic diseases
✓ Supercharge your nutrition with delectable healthy meals
✓ Increase energy
✓ Improve skin and appearance

✓ Feel better
✓ Lose weight
✓ Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
✓ Help a loved one prevent and reverse disease
And so much more!

Note: Everyone has a different experience. Results are not guaranteed.

Program Includes

• Consultations with medical and naturopathic doctors, personal trainer, nutritionist and psychotherapist

• Full nutrition and fitness assessments

• Award-winning InBody body and fat assessment

• Pre- and post-lab tests

• Hydrotherapy, peat and fever bath

• Herbal medicine

• Massage assessment

• Massage therapy

• Hot stone massage

• Psychotherapy

• Marriage and relationship counseling

• Customized and group exercise sessions

• Morning inspirational devotional talks from the Bible

• Daily walks along beautiful lake-side trails

• Recreational activities (hikes, canoeing etc)

• Delectable plant-based meals and power-packed juices

• Cooking instruction

• Juice detox

See the Results From Our Last Retreat

Retreat held March 12-19, 2023.

  • Total weight loss of 70 lbs!
  • Total waist circumference reduction of 56 cm.
  • 21 medications discontinued.
  • 10 medication doses decreased.
  • Diabetes & hypertension were reversed!
  • Joint pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis were also reversed!

Kickstart your health with our qualified and caring team

• Medical Doctor • Naturopathic Doctor • Certified Holistic Nutritionist • Certified Personal Trainer • Certified Exercise Physiologist • Registered Psychotherapist • Registered Massage Therapist •

Relax, de-stress and heal in the beautiful Muskokas

Camp Frenda

1231 Morinus Road, Port Carling, Ontario, Canada

Amenities include:

Private room with own washroom

Bedding, towels, toiletry, etc provided

Essential oil diffuser

Daily housekeeping and on-demand laundry service

Sauna, beautiful walking trails, canoeing

and more!

Your Investment

Your health is priceless.

Your investment in your health includes ALL program components:

• All meals and juices ($370)

• Accommodations for 7 days and 6 nights (your own room and washroom) ($740)

• Consults with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, psychotherapist and massage therapists ($1270)

• All therapies (massage, hydrotherapy, natural therapies, psychotherapy etc) ($1,900)

• Health talks, classes, counseling, exercise sessions ($440)

• Recreational activities (canoeing, hiking etc) ($priceless$)

• Amenities including steam sauna (Free use)

• Lab tests ($100)

Program Value: $4,820

You pay as low as: $1,990 (Double Rate, Early Bird)


Early Bird - Until January 26th
Double** - $1,990 each
Single - $2,190

Regular - Until February 16th
Double** - $2,190 each
Single - $2,390

Late - Until March 1st
Double** - $2,390 each
Single - $2,590

*All prices in Canadian dollars and does not include applicable taxes

*Non-Patient Companion: If you desire to have someone accompany you for support during this week, this person could join you for a cost of $600. Please note, the non-patient companion will only receive food and lodging, none of the the other components of the program will be provided.

**Double Occupancy Rate: If two attendees share a room, with each person having their own bed, each attendee will be eligible for the rate shown. When paying, add in a note who you plan to share your room with.
Please note, this is separate from the Non-Patient Companion rate.
Both occupants must be patients.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 7 days or more before the retreat will receive a full refund.

Cancellations made within 7 days of the retreat will receive a full refund, subject to the attendee's vacancy being filled.

All other cancellations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Take your first step to Paradise

Your application will be reviewed by our clinic team to make sure the program is right for you. After confirming your spot, we’ll send you a lab requisition form for your initial blood work.

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